hydro excavation

What is hydro excavation?

     Hydro Excavation uses both a powerful vacuum and pressurized water jets to safely excavate earthen materials and debris from a project site.  Excavated materials are removed to a tank for disposal or placement elsewhere at a job site. Truck mounted vac systems are utilized to improve jobsite efficiency and safety where conventional excavation equipment may damage existing infrastructure.  The locations of existing underground utilities are often undetermined.  Hydro Vac systems can safely locate, and excavate around existing utility lines, allowing for maintenance and upgrades to water, sewer, electrical, gas and communications lines.

Usage and Benefits

  • Removal of soil and debris from existing utility trenches for maintenance or replacement purposes. Eliminating the chance of hitting an existing utility!
  • Potholing or exploratory excavation to determine where existing utility lines are located
  • Removal of liquids and debris from water/sewer lines
  • Removal of environmental or hazardous materials 
  • Less time consuming
  • Less manual labor
  • Cost efficient
  • Eliminates the guessing!

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